Sunday, March 11, 2012

All the news that's fit to print,,,

Been a busy week round here, AGAIN!
Hell at one point last week we had 4 guys working here. It is just about overwhelming I tell ya!
The winds have been the shit for about a week now and when that happens an entire ass-load of trash washes up on the beach. We now have 2 young men who do a bang-up job at helping us keep the beach clean. They can gather up 10 large bags of plastic crap each time they go out. Weird shit, but it is always the same. Flip flops, bottles, doll parts, old buckets, that kinda shit. But the thing I see most and is the most puzzling to me is all the tooth brushes? WTF? Hundreds of ‘em.

Then we have our lawnmower man who is doing a good job with the roadsides.
Mental Breach is looking good!

Bad news now.
Last night there was an armed robbery at Mango’s. Shots were fired and Frank was hit in the side of his belly. Oscar took a beer bottle to the noggin.
Both are fine, shaken but fine.

News comes in this morning that they caught the asshole perpetrators.
If this is correct it means two things. First great news! Second, that has to be one of the fastest bit of police work I have seen since being here.
We got the call on our new fancy-pants ‘gaurdnet’ radio around 9:30 or 10:00, just as the film “Game Change’ was done making Sarah Palin look like a bigger idiot than we gave her credit for, but that’s another story.
We reacted, wrongly now I see. I was not sure what I am suppose to do in a situation like this, so we grabbed our aluminum baseball bat and like wired zombies, we went to Mango’s. Like there was a fire or something. Not realizing there was nothing for us to do there, duh, I just didn’t think.
Plenty of other neighbors responded to the scene as well, and I think most of us were just in the way. The first thing the stateside cops would have done was kick all us out. But folks were just wandering round in there, one guy drinking a beer. Everyone has good intentions, but I will think before I move if this happens again.
What should I do? Where can I help? Do I need to go to the scene? That kinda shit. But we are all new at this kinds stuff.
I drove up and down the road looking for assholes, saw none. We informed some neighbors and guests who were unaware, that they should turn their lights on and go to code red! DEV CON 1.

Anyway, let’s hope they did actually catch these guys and they throw the book at them. Nobody needs this shit in their life.

Been enjoying our BBQ grill. Learning more how to use it properly. (google and youtube are GREAT)

Last night saw some teriyaki ribs. Tonight will be pork chomps.
Look out septic!

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they always worked for me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mangos. I'm kind of surprised the way Belizians drink and get in that Big Dog sindrome that there are not more things like that happening.
As for the BBQ go to Turtle Inn and ask for the Head Chef. They have some great hard wood that they use for the Pizza oven[ wood fired ] Ask for some and they should give it to you. I used it a bunch of times and it's the shit for smoking yur ribs and yard bird for that down home [ in my case up home ] Texas BBQ flavor. I do belive it's Oak. Smoke the ribs indirect at about 220f-2250f for about 2 1/2-3 Hrs. YUM!!!Be sure to put yur rub on yur meat [ha-ha] the nite before. Stay away from the Brisket in Belize. NO FAT and no flavor.

Jesse said...

Good lookin' ribs! I'll be right over.....

RPM said...

Wow, hate to hear about Frank! Hope he recovers quickly. Also hope they indeed caught the assholes that shot him. May justice be harsh and swift.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

You are absolutely correct about going to the scene of an incident unless you have specialized training such as police or first aid training, etc.

People just get in the way and hinder those who are assisting. The best thing an individual can do when there is an incident such as a shooting at Mangos is to be vifilant around your own property and protect it in case the assholes decide ro show up on your front door. Beware of such things as strangers and strange vehicles in your area. Note such things as license plate numbers, make and model of vehicle and any other identifying items such as color of car or clothing of a strange person, type of hair style, etc.

I spoke to the pokice Monday afgternoon, and they told me that they had three suspects in custody and are waiting for Frank to help identify them.

I spoke to Frank Monday, the 12th, and he hopes to be coming home on Tuesday. the 13th.

Just another episode in the Breach for my best selling comedy book soon to be in your area soon.

Denise said...

That's crazy news! Just glad Frank is going to be okay!!!

Seek Up, Grasshopper said...

Oh Man, that is crazy! I am soo glad that Frank's ok. I really hope they got the fucks.