Saturday, November 12, 2011

What the hell time is it? And how did that boat get here?

We’ve all seen it before. Some obscure date comes along and we hear that ‘it will never happen again for a million years’, or some shit.
Well yesterday it happened again.
If you looked at you digital clock at 11:11 either AM or PM, it would have showed the date and time as 11/11/11 11:11.
Whoopdishit you say, and so did I because it happens every year on some date.
Next year on December 12 it will read 12/12/12 12:12.
But, and heres the rub. IF WE MAKE IT PAST Dec 21st end of the world date, the date and time won’t line up like that again till 1/1/1 1:01
Jan 1st, 2101
Correct me if I’m wrong,, my head hurts now.

And I just could not stay awake for the big event, this is as close as I got.

And check out the new ‘decorations’ along the road.
I am not real sure having a wrecked boat out in front of the dive shop is all that good for business.

“Oh look,, I want to go out with them!”
And as you walk towards the dive shop, you will see these. What? plastic cactus? And is that really a plastic palm tree mixed in with the real ones? I am told they light up at night. Can anyone say GAWDY?

Good grief.

Sprinklings coming in about a certain Preacher who is actively trying to shut down a pre school thing near his house. I hear the kids make too much noise during recess.
More when I have it.


sandy a. said...

Are you serious? That rat bastard is trying to shut down the little school at Kenny's place? Well, I don't know of any laws saying where schools can be, especially at the north end of Seine Bight. That is so bullshit.

sandy a. said...

Bastard is probably trying to shut it down because they aren't teaching his brand of religion.

Anonymous said...

Why not shut down the noise on his interfering radio station with it's plastic palm tree message?

Saw them 2 times at Atlantic bank last week or so. He stayed in the lot and guarded the truck while she hauled in bags and bags of change.

Rumor is though, that you can buy his Godly beachfront moneybin and radio station for 2+ million US.

Lynda Jamison said...

Your blogs never fail to amuse me. Should I bring extra dentastix's for the tramp?

Looking forward to being there soon!