Monday, March 21, 2011

George Foreman and Mister T walk into a kitchen,,,,

Some good news,, maybe. Remember awhile back when I rambled on about fucked up the idea of landing cruise ships in Placencia was? Well, I did ramble for a bit.
To sum it up, a politician who is suppose to be looking out for the peoples best interest (yea, right), approached Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and told them Placencia would be just wonderful for some of your ships. All the while this politician and his fat-cat buddies were buying up all the property where this ‘cruise village’ would be located.
Then after all that is done wrapped up, the GOB decides it is a good time to tell the villagers of this great and wonderful thing that is going to happen in their village.
WHOA,, just a minute here.
The next few weeks saw serious opposition to their little secret plan.
They decide to hold a ‘consultation’ to help us better understand how it is all going to work.
That ‘consultation’ was as big a joke as any other GOB/Developer held meeting I have attended.
Now here is where I think they fucked up. The hired an outside independent consultant to gather up all the info on whether this idea was a good idea for the area and was it accepted by the population.
Well,, they hired the wrong one.
His report came back saying all the same shit we have been screaming to the GOB about since we first heard the plan.
So, where does that leave us? well tonight there is a second meeting with the GOB and no one really knows what they will say. Will they listen to the guy they hired and paid well? And listen to the citizens wishes?
Or will they crumple up that report, toss it like an empty Belikin bottle and say “Fuck You,, we are doing it anyway”?
Tonight at 1830, I’ll report what they tell us.

On to more pleasant subjects.
I like to eat. Who don’t right. And I like to cook.
Enter the Aroma Turbo Cooker!
A countertop convection oven.

It roasts, steams, broils, slices, dices and with an attachment it may jack you off!
I googled up all the info I could find before I fired it off and it seems Mr. ‘T’ pitty’s the foo who don’t use one. Good enough for me. So now I got George Foreman AND Mr. T in the kitchen with me!
My test run with this contraption is going to be a pork tenderloin. I’m a bit scared. I would hate to ruin a nice tenderloin playing with a Mr. T endorsed piece-o-shit but here goes.
1433: the tenderloin goes in at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.

15 minutes later I took one hunk of tenderloin out and cut into it. Not quite done and inside temp was only 120.

So I set it back up for another 15 minutes, with the thermometer in the meat.
OK,, 15 minutes later and it’s done!
Fuck,, maybe Mr. T is on to sumptin here.

Clean up took 2 minutes too.
This is one foo he won’t be pitty-ing.

People who say it can't be done, should not interrupt those of us who are doing it.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of those cookers?
Thats my kinda cookin'! Actually thats my kinda cleanup....

deb said...

I have one for sale if anyone wants one....i just got a bigger one.......

Harley said...

Thanks for the Testimonial Barn... Maybe next week you could show us your recipe for "The Other Pink Meat" Fish. I think I'm getting one of these Hummers.... 8)

sandy A said...

Yeah, a full report please of the meeting plus pics if you take your camera will be great
I still think it going to have to take violence, boobytraps, change their minds.

Beach Bum said...

Ninety percent of the consultant's report and presentation last night was basically "sorry BTB that I came up with the WRONG answer; BUT there are still dozens of other reports you can pay me to do for you; AND a bunch of little YESes can overturn the big NO".

sue w said...

Now you need a Cameron Stovetop Smoker.