Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things to do in Denver when you're dead,,,,,,

I’m back! And fucking glad of it! Denver is just too much, and when you factor in the reason for me being there,,,,,it just sucks.
Dad’s funeral went off OK. And the military portion was great.

I had never been to a military service and would not mind having one myself,, after I croak of course.
There were lots of friends and relatives at both the service and the shindig afterwards.

Beers were guzzled and food was chowed on.
I spent as much time as I could helping mom try to adjust. She says she will be OK,, but it will no doubt be tough and take some time.

Then on to the rest of the trip.

Sights I saw: the worlds largest King Soopers opened up right in the hood. (popular grocery store for those who may not know)
Drive up Pharmacy, huge liquor store, a bank, a starbucks, all inside the biggest grocery store I ever seen! I hated it.
At one point I was standing there glaring up at the sign telling you what isle things were in when a store employee came by and gave me a MAP!
I got my $10 worth of stuff and walked the 2 miles back to the checkout lanes and got the fuck outa there! It was just toooo much.

Driving down I-25 by ‘furniture row’ and I saw they are advertising SALTWATER HOTUBS?
I saw 2 dogs fucking in the middle of Monaco,, and they survived!

Some places I went:
While sitting in a tavern with about 6 other patrons when all the sudden all of them got up and left? They left their beers, their purse’s, and just left. I checked my pits but they didn’t stink?
I ask the bartender whats up and she said they all went out for a smoke. Apparently,, you cannot smoke in any bars in the WHOLE FUCKING STATE!!!
To me this is just over the line. It should be left up to the bar owner if his/her customers can smoke or not. I don’t smoke but that is bullshit. Next you won’t be able to cuss in bars.

I got a flat tire in mom’s car one day. Took it to Discount tire for repair. They said “sure,, but it will take 2 hours” Crap,, I plopped my ass in a chair and looked out the window. Right there in the little shopping center I see a sign,, MEXICAN CANTINA! Schweeet!! “I’ll be in the cantina” I tells the guy.

El Agave is it’s name. I was impressed. Cold cheap beers(my favorite kind) and the best chips and salsa I have ever had! I promised myself I would come back and eat. And I did. Nothing on the menu over 12 bucks and it all sounded great. I settled for the Carnita’s plate and I got mom a combo of tacos.

All I can say is if you are ever in the hood,, check out El Agave!
Also,, Discount not only fixed the tire but balanced and rotated them,, for free!

I have been in Denver for a sum total of over 7 weeks this year. I certainly hope it is done for at least another year.

I only do what the voices in my wifes head tell her to tell me to do.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Belize is still all fucked up....but you expected that eh?
Jesse and Bear

Anonymous said...

Welcome home

Bob and Sharyn

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Sorry to hear about your father.

Glad you are back in the breach. No one to record the episodes while U were gone as if there was anything big breaken in the breach anyway. I don't think you missed any kodak moments to speak of.

Sounds like U found some new joints up there worthwhile going back to. All was not lost.

Hope U got that American flag from the military funeral. They make good windbreakers on the porch down here.

sandy a. said...

glad to see you back in the Breach and blogging away. Hope your Mom will be able to adjust....that seems tough.
I know what you mean about the Mega- stores--it's too much. People bitch about not having a selection in Belize, but frankly, for the most part that suits me just fine. I don't have to think too hard that way.

Adriane said...

I love the fact that you will only listen to the voices in my head.