Friday, October 23, 2009

DING DING DING,, nap time,,,,,

It’s back to hot again. Just love those cold fronts, especially when the word ‘stationary’ is connected to it! When it gets real hot we all tend to just slow down. Now that may be a hard change to spot in FuzzNutts but he does cut back as well. I read once that an 11 year old cat has slept 7 of those years.

And naps are doubled in the pleasure factor.
I/we have been nap fans for years. Well, actually almost every since we quit our full time jobs. I did have to groom Mrs. Barn in the ways of the snooze tho.
You gotta love a good mid-day snooze.

It’s an art. Something learned. And on this subject Mrs. Barn can never say I have not applied myself! I excel. I am the master.

It has gotten to the point we are very bummed out if something gets in the way of the nap. And it really sucks when just as it is getting good, and you get interrupted. Damn, have to start over. We nap in shifts so one of us can run interference for the one snoozing. Works well.
I am just now trying to make up for all the missed naps I have had over the years. I took one awhile ago that made up for June 2nd ’86. Scratch that one off.
I may have to nap again this afternoon as tomorrow I may get interrupted. I have to pull the front axle out of the BarnMobile. Best start early, about the time Mental Breach starts to show it’s crack.

There is a great need for sarcasm font.

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