Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hotter than the devil's taint!

Lobsterfest ’09.
The bridge held up, the sun was out, the beer was cold, and events were postponed.
The tug-o-war, tuna toss, and the lobster cook off all were postponed till Sunday. I was reliably informed that Saturday was a drinking day!
OK, I can deal with that.
Here are just a few shots.
Someone, not going to mention any names, had his camera settings off somewhere to the left of way fucked up and captured about 20 shots that were so blown out it looked more like Whale Blubberfest in northern Canada! And what sucks is that they were mostly bikini shots!
I’ll blame it on the drinking day. I’ll do better Sunday.

We keep the kids caged at these events.

Nice pup!

Oh to be young again,,,,

Let's squeeze Brother Glen in between all the hotties!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Excellent... I am sure everyone there had a great time. I like the pictures..... looking forward to the ones from today. Drink a beer for me!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos..once again :)