Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pneumatically challenged,,

I’ve always said that Belize is ripe for enterprising people who want to start up their own small business.
I’m not talkin bout the mega crap that is so popular lately, but the small good ideas.
Yesterday Mrs. B. went to the village for class (attend a class,, not GET some class), but when she came out she see’s that the BarnMobile has a flat. I come down to help and discover that the spare hanging under the BarnMobile’s bed doesn’t fit a Hilux! So we need to get the flat fixed.

Near the dock for the Hokey Poky is a new tiny little shop called “Road Kill Tire Repair”.
He has it set up nice for tires and small repairs. He busts down the tires himself using some long tire ‘spoons’, muscle, and lube. Patches and/or plugs the leak, inflates and you’re done.
He plugged 2 nail holes for us for 10 bz!
To me these are the type of small business that will succeed here. Good for him!

Anyone know where I can find a wheel for a Hilux?

Three days ago my music host informed me they were upgrading their server. Three days ago!
The music site is still down. Fuck.

I know most of the people in a bar and can’t remember one of their names.

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