Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wash your hands before you shove 'em up that birds ass,,,


As we sat out there drinking beer, the bats were having a feast. But sometime they just fell outa the sky? Eerrrrrrrr-plop! Like little wounded apache helicopters. Gotta go sweep up the corpses.

I have been informed that the mere mention of bagels on this blog, has caused a stampede at the bagel supply house! But I’m pretty sure that when the new front office help sez to ‘stop mentioning the bagels’, she’s just tuggin my nuts,,,, so to speak. Whataya say to some doughnuts???

Mrs. Barn just told me it’s 66 degrees outside right now! And that means it’s 66 degrees inside for us as well! Maybe that’s what dropped the hawks? Their fuel lines froze.

It’s turkey day. Everybody got their hand up a birds ass? Cramming good things up there?

Not us. We had our turkey last week. Today it’s pork enchiladas. We’re not big on tradition round here. I don’t need a special occasion to eat turkey,, any ‘ol day will do, thank you. And it went just fine with the wheat pitas we found in Brodies!

New rule: No one who lives along the road from S.B. north is allowed to sleep past 0430-0500.

There will be a loud-assed dump truck sent rattling, banging, and clanging right past you every day during this specified time frame until,, well,, further notice.

To be followed by various sized other wake up calls.

Thank you for your support.


Now for the boring photo jargon portion of the show.
I have a new piece of gear. A 9” ‘snoot’. Now before you get all trashy and perverted on me, it’s not what you think. It’s a light modifier. Designed to narrow the flash beam to a spotlight effect. Will have some good uses in the future. I put allot of time and energy into this. It’s a bisquick box with gaffer tape!
Cool huh!

I know how to say “Where are my pants?” in seven languages

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sandy A. said...

Happy Pork Enchilada Day!