Monday, November 24, 2008

Lights, camera, pizza,,,,!

SWOOSH,, CRASH!! (the sound of a soapbox being kicked back under the bed.)
So, where was we? Oh yea, I was hoping to get on with my photo quest and let Belize do whatever it will.

I swear to ya, the deck is sooo big, I don’t have a lens wide enough to capture it all! Mrs. Barns camera has the widest lens in the house and it can barely reach both sides. I know it’s a stretch but there is a beer way over there on the arm of that deck chair! If you squint you may see it.
Can ya tell I luuuuuvvv my new deck?

Today I think I will go back and do the re-shoot of the last senior women in S.B. get that outa the way.
Speaking of Mrs. Barn and her camera, check out her Flickr site. She has been getting some great photos lately! Here are a couple.
She is still wanting to learn the lights and last night was a good chance to whip out a strobe and umbrella to shoot our pizza dinner. Sorta a mini product shoot if you will, that we ate!

The whole setup takes just a few minutes and I/we believe the results are well worth it.
Plus, by helping her learn I am learning as well. Can’t beat that!
And as for the pizzas, they have been turning out great! I have found a dough recipe we like and my sauce has been consistent too. This one was a ham, pineapple, and black olives on a whole wheat crust.
I have been making some good combo’s as well. Chicken, broccoli with an Alfredo sauce.
And pork/chicken with refried beans and salsa! Oh man,, season up the meat real nice and this is a winner!
It is a small pie so I make ‘em 3 at a time.
Bridget, I want to thank you again for the pizza stone! It works wonders!!
Ron, I picked up some more wieners-in-a-can and puppied them up. No more short-sheet'in em either. Got that figured out. Found a better batter recipe. And this batter works well with Jalapeño Poppers also! I love Google!!!
If you can’t get the ballparks, and are sick of the chicken wieners, try these little pork dicks, wieners. They work!

This sea star was out on our beach a few days ago. Some days these things are everywhere.
Chalk up another one of her photos landing in 'EXPLORE'!

“I drink because I prefer the company of drunks, and they don’t like sober people hanging around, making faces.”

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