Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vacations R us,,,,,

I don’t know if you would call this the end of last season, or the beginning of the new season? Either way it was rocky! Most all of you know Maya Beach is out of town, a bit remote, right? We try to stress this on our website and in any e-mail back and forth’s we have with coming guests. But, occasionally we get some folks who didn’t understand what they were getting into. We call it bad research. And that’s where this is leading. Some guests came from C. Caulker and were to stay 3 nights. Originally they were booked for 8 but weather conditions forced them to change their plans. Upon arrival they decided to stay for 4 nites. But, after all the paperwork shuffling, the next morning they want to leave.
“We thought you had A.C., and there are no restaurants.” Looking back at the e-mails, they were warned many times that there would only be the Frisky Frog and Hungry Gecko open for meals.
Oh well,, some people just don’t get it.

Sitting here last night drinking a beer and a stray cat just waltz’s right in the door! Scurvy didn’t care much, but it looked like Fuzz’s first interaction with some other cat. Kinda funny to watch.

The rain seems to have calmed down. And a bit of good news is that our contractor sez he will be here Monday to start work! Deck party commin up!

Still experiencing problems with the photo uploader? This is a test,,,

See how when you open it, it is huge? I can't resize them all the sudden???
Another test,,

“A hangover is just Beer’s way of reminding you you shouldn’t have stopped.”

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sandy A. said...

Some people also repeatedly ask the same question over and over again in a slightly different format in hopes of eliciting a different response! (remember I own a tattoo shop)

Caller: Can I get an appointment today?
Us: No, I'm sorry we're already booked today.
Caller: So I can't get a tattoo?
Us: not today, because we are booked, but we'll be taking walk-ins tomorrow.
Caller: So you're not doing any more tattoos today?
Us: we are, but we are already booked up, we are full.
Caller: So, can I come in as a walk-in today?

It's not so bad though, I was in the restaurant biz in the early 80's and the stupidity I observed in that biz was unbelievable!